Five times Thapelo Mokoena showed out in a suit

'A man's confidence is in his suit game.' - Famous proverb

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Thapelo Mokoena

Although this Proverb is not famous, it's not very far from the truth. An old Zulu saying goes, 'a man's beauty is in his monetary gains' but we also believe that it's in how he rocks a suit.Β 

An example being the dear brother, Thapelo Mokoena who goes by many labels but for today, we'll call him the human mannequin a.k.a what James Bond would look like if he was from South Africa ('my name is Sizwe, Sizwe Mhlaba'). Why do you ask? Well, have you seen the brother in a suit? Wait, take a look.

..if that's too serious for you, don't worry. The man can loosen it up right quick


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What about those black tie events? Can he bring it in a tux, you ask?

Just to show that he's a brother of the rainbow nation, he can still kill it in crazy colours

And to even top it off, he'll add a waistcoat for measure.Β 

We can't wait till he gets the role of Sizwe Mhlaba in the latest James Bond spin-off. Remember where you heard it first.Β 

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