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Dr Love is the host of Uyajola and the people are...confused

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If you don't know about the show, Uyajola 9/9 then...where have you been?

Uyajola, is the Mzansi version of US reality show Cheaters. Where spouses write to the show, asking the hosts to help with their nagging suspicions of their partners having extra mural activities outside the relationship.

The show made its official debut last week Saturday with JUB JUB as the host of the show and although many have voiced their opinions about disliking the concept of Cheaters in this country or not being a fan of the host-this weeks episode was an even bigger discussion of disapproval.

A new host graced the show instead of our familiar face-JUB JUB and his name is DR Love. Yes, Dr Love.

Who is Dr Love? Well, we're not too sure who he is other what he refers to- a creative. Ok. But his S-curl is on fleek though.

So far, although the show offers its audience spice and drama from the perspective of our own backyard, with Dr Love as the host-it lacked what the people came for.

Word on the street is, that UMoja Love actually has three presenters on the show and they'll be rotating throughout the course of the season.

The irony with all of it is, when people were asking for another presenter besides JUB JUB to entertain us because of his past, when the wish was granted and Dr Love came through, the people wanted JUB JUB back.

LOL, Mzansi.

Who are you rooting for?

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