Hilarious social media videos of 2018

We were laying on the floor with laughter when these videos were released

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This year has come with a lot of sadness, but at the same time it balanced things out by bringing a lot of joy and laughter in our lives in the form of hilarious social media videos.

As much as social media comes with a lot of negatives, it sure does sometimes brighten up our day.

Here are our favourite and most hilarious videos of 2018:

Smanga and the bus

You can't watch this video without cracking up, it's just impossible. Within 30 seconds, Smanga became one of the most popular people we know on social media in 2018. Thankfully, Smanga was okay after being hit by a bus. But what was he doing?

The two against one street fight

Someone please bring us tissue we're crying, and laughing at the same time  because of this fight. What were the two bullies trying to achieve here? What an epic fail from both of them. Kudos to the the solo Jackie Chan for whipping their behinds and pinning both of them down. Now this is what we call a street legend.

Xhosa guy is in a relationship

Look, if you're still in a stable relationship this December then you deserve to scream out loud like this guy right here.

Itumeleng Khune singing Jay-Z's history

Guys, we're not going to say much here, just laugh with us please.
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Awww... Thank you for the laughter, 2018!

Main image credit: Twitter