Thembi Seete on striving to take care of her mom and letting go of people

For Thembi it's all about protecting her energy & distancing herself from what doesn't bring her joy

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Thembi Seete

Throughout the past couple of months, Thembi Seete has had a lot of introspection about her life & the people she keeps around her circle.

And with that, she's found the importance of taking care of herself first & channeling all her focus on making sure her mother lives a comfortable life.

During her recent interview with Drum magazine, the media personality/musician shared how not being busy as she used to, helped her understand that she was missing out on a lot.

"I was frustrated with having to be in the same place - traveling helped me escape from some of my problems. When my deals got taken away, the traveling stopped & contracts weren't renewed, I was forced to be at home and I realised I missed out on so much."

Thembi Seete

And that included cleaning out her social circle as well.

"I'm not perfect, I am human but I decided to put myself first and take care of myself. I let go of relationships that didn't work. I let go of people and friends, and I just cleaned up my life. It wasn't only Bo that I let go of."

Thembi also shared the important role her mother has played not only in her life but career and has since dedicated most of her time taking care of her.

"My mother is my world. I live with her and I take care of her. She doesn't work because it's my turn to provide for her - not to return the favour for raising me, but to make sure she enjoys being a granny." Said Thembi.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Thembi_Seete