I had no plans after leaving OPW says Thembisa Mdoda

Despite a lack of a detailed plan, everything just fell into place 

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I had no plans after leaving OPW says Thembisa Mdoda

Speaking to True Love’s Phila Tyekana as part of her cover feature for this month’s issue of the magazine, the entertainer reveals that she had no idea what was going to happen after she left the Mzansi Magic show.

Luckily, she managed to bag a number of shows and a film - circumstances which she attributes to the new management company she signed to, Owen S Management as well as the fact that she left Our Perfect Wedding.  

This is because Mdoda observed that opportunities came flooding in once she announced that she’d be leaving OPW. 

“The beautiful thing is one I jumped ship, everyone approached me, saying they’d been waiting for me all along,” explained Mdoda who had limited time for additional projects while she was working on the show. 

She does insist however that she left the show on good terms and believes that this is how things should be done. Adding that she had done all she had come to do on the show and it was time. 

The blurb on the cover promised that Mdoda speaks about finding love and boy did she speak! The star confirmed that she is besides herself with feelings for her partner (whom she did not confirm was her fiancé as previously reported). She did however say that he is her forever as she explained “my guy has taught me so much. Even when I act some type of way, he brings me back. He knows how to handle me, he’s my fixer. Our foundation is so solid that everything is blooming. Yes, he’s the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.” 

We were surprised to learn that her beau was the director of photography on OPW (not sure if he still is) and he is the one who used to take pictures of Mdoda’s outfits during every shoot which she later posted on Instagram. Can anyone say ‘Instagram husband!!!!”

She would like more children down the line and her twin sons would also love to have some siblings, so much so that they had a “meeting” with her partner about it. 

Another thing we were surprised to learn is that she and ex-husband Atandwa Kani speak now and are on such good terms that they reflect on their marriage and how it went wrong. In her opinion, their marriage suffered from a serious lack of communication. A lesson she has incorporated into her life going forward…

With regards to her future, she reveals that she has productions coming up from the production company she owns, Usakhe Productions and she hopes to do a lot more work as an actress. The latest issue of True Love Magazine is out now. 

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