Thembisa Mdoda on skin care, confidence and the love of her life

We recently sat down with the media personality to discuss dry skin, letting go of insecurities and the defining moments in her life

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Thembisa Mdoda on skin care, confidence and the love of her life

I never really noticed how much of a lady Thembisa Mdoda is. I’ve seen her around at events and I follow her on social media (mainly to see her killer outfits) but last night, I saw the thespian, TV presenter and radio host in a different light.

I met the presenter/actress at the Dawn #YouGotThis relaunch and to say she looked ravishing would be an understatement.

She walked into Shine Studios hair-first to take up her host duties for the Dawn #YouGotThis relaunch wearing a stunning, figure hugging white pencil dress with a gorgeous frill lining the entire length of the dress. She topped the look off with some plum velvet stilettos and the most beautiful Gucci bag you have ever seen.

Dawn gathered a select audience of beauty writers and entertainment reporters to witness the brand’s reintroduction in addition to introducing us to their latest mentorship programme aimed at instilling confidence in adolescent youth through a partnership with NPO South African Youth Education for Sustainability (SAYes).

According to the brand, they are making it their mission to give young South African women the physical and emotional confidence to achieve greatness in life. 

“Dawn speaks to South African women who do a lot with a little and believe beauty is as much about the person you are as what you look like,” said Unilever Public Relations Manager, Sphelele Mjadu.

“She is positive about the future, with high hopes and dreams of attaining a better, more successful life. But we know that, for a number of reasons, it is not easy. Our vision is to empower these young women with the tools to keep moving forward: confidence, guidance, courage and belief in their God-given abilities and talents,” added Mjadu.


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After the event, I had a quick chat with Mdoda about her #YouGotThis moment as well as how finding out how she learned to be comfortable in her own skin.

“I think when I started Our Perfect Wedding, I had a few defining moments but for different things in my life,” explained Mdoda.

“I had a defining moment in terms of love, in terms of my relationships with my family, with my kids and with my partner. I had a defining moment with owning me and my body and it was all [while I was] on Our Perfect Wedding!” she explained.

Mdoda seems to be at a very good place in her life and that peace radiates off her, especially when she speaks about on of the reasons for her unmistakable glow.

“And it was also because I met my partner while working on OPW… So everything just fell into place once I started doing that show because it opened my eyes up to a world that I have always wanted to be a part of. I think it is also because I was ready but the defining moment definitely happened during OPW...” she said.

I then asked her how she kept herself grounded. Not in terms of letting her new job gas her up but in terms of keeping herself from freaking out about the magnitude of the job she had just taken on.

[It happened] “Once I realized (and I had to do it very quickly) that if I don’t give these people me, I will be shortchanging myself and the show. So I have to psyche myself out and tell myself #YouGotThis with every interview that I do because these are people’s stories and they are getting married. It is not just a TV show to them and their story is true and their story is a huge deal, you know? So taking someone’s life and portraying it wrong can be taken in such a bad way so I have to psyche myself up with every link because I write all the links and I present them,” revealed Mdoda.

She also has to do so when it comes to the clothes she wears on the show because people pay a lot of attention to that so the pressure is on for her to slay every single week.

Seeing as Dawn is primarily, a skincare brand I asked Mdoda what her biggest problem is when it comes to her skin (because face it, we all have them) and she admitted to having unbelievably dry skin, especially in winter.

Thembisa says that Dawn has been her saving grace when it comes to that problem as the answer comes as no surprise seeing as their range of hand & body lotions have been specifically crafted by a team of skin care experts.

They contain a blend of Special Oils, Vitamin A and E and Glycerine that absorb easily into the skin. Plus the lotion is non-greasy so applying it regularly won’t leave you shiny and wreak havoc on your clothes.

In addition to her dry skin, Mdoda explained that the skin on her face is very sensitive and it doesn’t fare well with that big hair that she loves so much but she relies heavily on coconut oil which she says she lathers on her face whenever she doesn’t have to go somewhere and even while she’s fulfilling her radio host duties at Tbo Touch’s Touch HD for her show "Let's Do Lunch".

“I actually abuse coconut oil. Morning, evening… listen, I’m always shining, I don’t even care who sees me during the day. Even when I go to my radio show, ngi’ya shina! When I go to bed, I have it on. I swear I love it. Then my man even says “you’re very shiny so you’re not going outside” and I’m like “daaamn straight I’m not going out tonight!” Coconut oil has saved my face,” she explains.

While we’re on the topic of her radio show, Mdoda says the audience response to her radio show has been incredible.

People are so supportive… and what I have noticed is that people love quality so I don’t compromise on the quality of radio that I do and the quality of TV that I do and the quality of writing that I do. I don’t compromise and people and receptive to that.” 

Mdoda believes that people love people who are who they are, no matter what they’ve gone through. 

"I want people to know that their own dreams are five-to happening. They just always need to be ready to push. Even they’re going through the most, they must just always be ready and that God can turn things around in a second.”

Mdoda ends off our chat on a beautiful note, letting it be known that she feels the love and appreciates all of it. 

“I’m so appreciative of the love, the support and the comments from people out there. It is so beautiful.”

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