Rorisang Thandekiso on embracing her roots

The media personality sees herself as a relatable public figure for the youth.

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Musician and media personality, Rorisang Thandekiso is more than just a public figure. The TV is setting a good example and wants her followers to be inspired by more than just the glitz and the glam.
Throughout the 29-year-old’s career, we’ve known her to be a media personality that dabbles between Setswana and English in her television inserts, and her efforts to do so have been very deliberate as she wants to become a relatable public figure, just like the ones she grew up watching.

Rorisang believes that inasmuch as embracing your roots and cultural background has been deemed uncool, there’s still "a beauty about embracing who were are". 
“I think for me, South Africa doesn’t make sense, from a screen perspective because I grew up looking at black people on screens, and what made them heroes and what made them special is that they looked and sounded like me. So, I would want to represent that in my generation where, even if you don’t live in Sandton, even if you don’t live in Joburg, when you see me, I shouldn’t be too far away, and language has a funny way of bringing us closer,” she said told ZAlebs.
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The media personality went on to add that she was baffled by the thought of vernacular-speaking presenters hosting a show speaking solely English throughout the whole show.

“It doesn’t matter how rich you are, if I say, ‘Sanibonani’ your LSM [Living Standards Measure] doesn’t come out, its the person that you are that comes out. And I just find it weird when you have a group of black people on South African TV speaking English the whole time... For me, it would be like watching a station of Afrikaans people speaking in Zulu the whole time, it just wouldn’t make sense. So, I don’t understand why it should make sense for us," she said. 
Rorisang’s brand is constantly evolving, however, she's adamant that sticking to her roots has been one consistent thing about her which many African personalities should adopt, and it’s this one thing that she feels will one day earn her an opportunity to express this on stations such as Lesedi FM and Motsweding FM.
“For me, if you’re a black South African and you speak a vernac language or a South African authentic language, you’re not a presenter until you can do it in your mother tongue.”

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