They're Cute, Cuddly And Famous

These babies were born famous and we love to see it.

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Sbahle Mzizi/Tiyani Chinyani
Time and time again, our favourite Zalebs have set the internet ablaze with their adorable babies that have given us major baby fever. We have seen them from the moment they were introduced to the world, to the minute they started crawling and taking their first step.

It is therefore no surprise that some of these zaleb babies have their own Instagram pages and are doing the most! Well, compared to some of us at least. We have put together a list of Zaleb babies who are not just cute and cuddly, but also very famous. 

Sbahle Mzizi

At the top of the list is this adorable little babe, Sbahle. Not only are her parents, Ntando and Junior de Rocka pretty famous, but they have also ensured that their baby girl is also a celebrity.

Sbahle’s Instagram account has a following of 955K followers and counting and she will be capping the 1 million mark pretty soon. Her page is simply Sbahle taking her followers through educational material, her playdates, as well as her great sense in style and fashion. 

She is a boss babe at only 4 years old and we love to see it. 

Tiyani Chinyani

Next up on the list is Tino and Simz’s son Tiyani Chinyani. If you thought Tino was an absolute hunk, then you need to see Tiyani who is giving his daddy a run for his money. So much so that he recently had his very first magazine cover not too long ago, and boy was he looking all sorts of cute!

On his Instagram page, baby Tiyani has a following of 88K and following and we can see why fans love him so much. From his sweet baby photos to dressing up in miniature suits, we have to say Tiyani is going to be one heck of a heartbreaker!

Kairo Forbes

You probably saw this one coming didn’t you. Kairo has been an internet sensation from the minute she was born. And why not when she is the daughter of two of the most celebrated artists in Mzansi? AKA and DJ Zinhle must be so blessed to have her as a daughter.

She has 1million followers on Instagram and we can never tire from watching her take care of her two adorable pups as well, who by the way, also have separate Instagram accounts. 

Kairo shares on her playdates, some educational content for her followers and of course, because a girl’s gotta slay at all times, her dope fashion sense. We love you Kairo!

Baby Asante

We cannot move on without featuring Kairo's baby sister, Asante who was born not too long ago. And while Dj Zinhle and Murdah had kept her cute face under the wraps for a while, finally getting to see her was definitely worth the wait.

Baby Asante has up to 99K followers on her Instagram and fans are already gushing over her endless drip and how fast she is growing each day. 

Alakhe Mdoda

This 6 year old gentleman is one we definitely cannot stop watching and listening to. Anele Mdoda’s son is already a YouTuber who enjoys baking, dancing and watching F1 when he is not doing his homework.

His Instagram has a following of 3K followers as well as 1k subscribers on his YouTube. There is no stopping Alakhe’s YouTube videos. He is smart, very confident and he is serving us some awesome content. 

So, did your favourite zaleb baby make it on the list?

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