Thuso Mbedu and Makgotso's take on Cape Town

Here's another reason why Thuso Mbedu & Makgotso are friendship goals.

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Thuso Mbedu and Makgotso Monyemokathoe

Thuso Mbedu & Makgotso M. took to Cape Town recently, as they shared their journey with us, we can't help but appreciate how far their friendship has come. 

Apart from the fact that Thuso Mbedu and Makgotso do almost everything together - according to their Instagram stories - their friendship has definitely grown stronger threw out the years as they recently took to Cape Town on an adventure together, taking to social media, the celebrity besties let us in on their journey.

Thuso Mbedu even shared what she had learnt from their stay in Cape Town saying that even though she had worked with many commendable artists, she has never been intimidated by anything either than nature itself.

"I've been asked on numerous occasions how I was able to work with veterans and not be intimidated. I've always shrugged that question off because when we are on set, we're colleagues. We are humans who play and choose to live the greatest truth in that moment. I thought nothing intimidates me. But NATURE y'all. 😲😲 beautiful. Powerful. Majestic. Fierce. I was humbled and rendered speechless and felt unworthy on many occasions."

See images of their trip to Cape Town below:

Inside Thuso Mbedu and Makgotao's trip to Cape Town #ZalebBesties

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