Tichina Arnolds opens up about her role on LockdownS3

Tichina draws inspiration from her past.

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Tichina Arnold

With American actress, Tichina Arnolds having joined the Lockdown Season 3 cast, we caught up with the actress to find out more about her upcoming role.

Tichina is mostly known for the comedic roles that she's played over the years, but her talent flows beyond satire, and that's why it came as no surprise to her when Black Brain production owner, Mandla contacted her offering her a challenge to portray a different role while drawing inspiration from her past experiences.

The legendary American actress has been through abusive relationships in the past that led her to shame, however, she has found ways to speak out through her art.

"Years ago...I always prided myself on being in relationships where, if I didn't want it anymore, that was it, no man is gonna put his hands on me, I found myself in a mental and sometimes physically abusive relationships, I was ashamed of it for a very long time, I did not want to talk about it, then it allowed me to see that there are very strong women that went through the same thing, so it wasn't my fault..." she said

After spending 37-years in the industry, Tichini is one of the celebrities that prides herself on being an advocate of women's rights in entertainment, and as an artist, she says she's honored that Mandla wrote this role for her, where she gets to feature in the whole of season three, playing in an all-woman cast.

"So once we find out those things about each other and know that you're not the only one that's going through what you're going through,...seeing somebody else's story...that's the wonderful thing about this show, is that it's allowing you to actually visually see the stories that woman around the world can identify in...As I got older, I learned how to share my story because of those things that I've gone through in my lifetime that maybe I'm ashamed off or just could not believe I was in that place...now that I'm older...I have a lot to say...we need to have more honest dialogs..." 

Without disclosing too much about her character, Tichina is set to play the role of an American woman named Pauletta.

"Paulette has got a few dynamics, which for me will be another challenge because I know my intent, the characters intent, but what the character does and how she acts and portrays herself  is completely different than what she wants and what she's going for...I'm going to pull my New York Queen... because that's who I naturally am...I'll be pulling from a lot of people that I know from home"

Season three of Lockdown is set to hit the small screens on the 9th of July.

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