Tol Ass Mo's new career

Seems like SA's tallest comedian wants to also be SA's tallest rapper. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Tol A$$ Mo  | Top of The

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Tol Ass Mo

We kind of saw this coming. Like ages ago. Remember on Reason's 'Bump The Cheese Up'? he was just there, what he was doing? 

Okay, well anyway. It's good to see that the brother's still in tip-top shape. Last time we heard from him, he had SA shook. This time though, instead of beefing with rappers, he IS the rapper. Introducing the comedian/rappers first song 'Ama C'. It's become a thing for Mzansi's funny men to make parodies of typical SA rap stereotypes, that's what this man got known for. The scary thing is, the track is kinda ayt. At first listen, you'd swear you're listening to Pitch Black Afro but after a bit, you get used to it. It's trap also so.. be ready. Check it out below.

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