Top Gomora Actors Who Were Fired

Bad day at the office for these actors

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Gomora is a TV series that has been airing on Mzansi Magic since 2020 and is currently the most-watched show on DSTV after surpassing The Queen.

The show, which portrays the disparity between the poor and the rich in South Africa, is centered around two families from two worlds and how their lives collide.

Besides the great storyline, production, and direction, something else that stands out about this acclaimed show is its remarkable actors. 

But while it’s clear that Gomora’s casting directors hit the jackpot, the directors have also made changes throughout the show and these changes have unfortunately seen some actors get fired.

Here is a look at five Gomora actors who were fired from the show, the reasons why they were fired as well as the actors who replaced them on the set.

Pakamisa Zwedala

Pakamisa Zwedala, source: Facebook

Pakamisa Zwedala is one of the Gomora actors who unfortunately got fired. Zwedala played the role of Qhoqhoqho- a brutal character who was killed off on screen by MaSonto on the show.

According to some internal sources, the actor asked for a pay raise but the show producers did not agree to his request but instead killed off his character.

Moshe Ndiki

Moshe Ndiki, source: Facebook

Sometimes, despite doing a great job, you could lose your job for the drama in your personal life as companies just don’t like being associated with “negative” publicity. Moshe Ndiki can attest to this fact.

The actor who also dabbles as a comedian was recently fired from the set of Gomora where he was playing the role of Faku.

Although both Moshe Ndiki and the producers of Gomora have not commented on his alleged dismissal, sources believe that his role was written off. This was after Moshe Ndiki was caught up in an assault case where popular Twitter commentator- Musa Khawula accused him of physically assaulting him.

Bukiwe Keva

Bukiwe Keva, source: Facebook

Known for playing the role of the school bully called Asanda, Bukiwe Keva is one of the latest Gomora actors to be fired. News that she had been let go was first reported by City Press in mid-August 2022.

A source told the publication that the actress, who was on an on-call contract, was dismissed for missing a shot. 

The actress had reportedly been feeling sick when she was called in but she couldn’t go in and explained that she was unwell and even provided them with a doctor’s note but that didn’t help a case as she received a text the following Monday informing her not to come in.

Was Zolisa Xaluva fired from Gomora?

Gomora actor Zolisa Xaluva, credit: Facebook

Known and loved by many for his role as Melusi Dlamini on Gomora, Zolisa Xoliva left the show early in the year under unclear circumstances where some speculated that he had been fired from the show after his relationship with the show’s producers became strained.

It appears that might not have been the case as there have been talks about Zolisa Xaluva making a comeback on the popular telenovela and some sources now believe that he might have left the show for other personal reasons.

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