Top social media posts of the week

We take a look at some of the funniest and probably craziest social media posts of the week.

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AKA and his girl

The social media world is filled with a number of hilarious and not so hilarious posts that could either brighten up your day or have you gobsmacked for days. Here are some posts that caught our attention this week.

Police station doesn't have a pen for Tshepi Vundla

Model and socialite Tshepi Vundla got the short end of the stick this week after she received some poor public service from the SAPS.

After recently being in involved in an accident, Tshepi went to report the accident at the nearest police station, however, we were taken by surprise when she tweeted what an officer had requested her to do after she reported her accident.

Tshepi Vundla tweet

Seriously, so this particular police station doesn't have a single pen in hand? Then they wonder why people complain about public service delivery.

K2 and Blue have broken up?

Say it isn't so!

The rumour mill this week was that K2 and Blue have broken up and the reason behind the break-up is because K2 apparently cheated on Blue. The rumour began all because Blue apparently posted a message about cheating, her followers took the post and ran with it, expressing their disappointment at the couple's break up. But wait, there's more, the Facebook page was actually a fake Facebook account.

So relax guys the Queen Duchess and her king are doing just fine. The two are probably chilling at some lavish hotel laughing at all these rumours.

K2 and Blue

Oh, and congratulations to Blue for scoring an endorsement deal with Clere radiance. Life is so good right now.

Get yourself a copy of @truelovemag 😉😉 #clereradiance #urbeautiful cc @clereradiance

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He was mine first?

This has to be our favourite social media post of the week, a young lady posted a throwback Thursday post of her and a younger looking AKA this week with the caption 'he was mine first'.

The image has since gone viral with people laughing and commending the young woman for her humor. 


Kat Williams promotes Touch Central

After announcing that he'd be launching his newest show on Cliff Central, Tbo Touch brought out the big guns by having international celebrities like controversial comedian, Kat Williams promote his show.

Salute to Tbo Touch, this is major!