Tresor breaks the record in Italy iTunes

Tresor shines bright with his No. 1 selling song

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Tresor breaks the record in Italy iTunes with his No.1 selling song

Proudly African musician, Tresor broke a record with his second number 1 selling song in Italy iTunes, and he had a chat with ZAlebs about his huge achievement.

Congratulations on breaking a record with your number 1 selling song on iTunes. What does this achievement mean to you?

Thank you very much! It's such a massive milestone for me personally as an artist but also for African music in general. I want to build on every milestone to take my sound to all corners of the globe and this is a sign that we are on the right path.

This is your second time breaking such a record what opportunities has this given you?

On this journey that I'm on, every step counts. This has opened doors to reach our future international goals, as well as introduce my sound to new fans in Europe I'm hoping to plan a European tour soon.

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As an artist that is recognized throughout Africa, who would you like to collaborate with in this continent?

Africa is very rich with talent and it's really hard to make a choice. However, I hope to do some work with ASA, Fally Ipupa, Wizkid, Hugh Masekela

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We have seen many musicians branch out to other music genres, you are an Afro Pop singer, is there any chance of you trying out another genre of music?

I wouldn't really call myself an Afro-pop singer, I am a pioneer of African pop music, I fuse sounds from all over the continent to create something fresh and proudly African. I am very experimental when writing and producing my music and don't limit myself. I don't plan on changing my recipe cause throughout my career, I want people to breathe and feel Africa in their bones whenever they hear my music.

What makes you unique as a musician, what is it that you do that other musicians cannot do?

I stay true to myself and always willing to push musical boundaries with no can hear it all over the music and that's what really makes the music stand out. I don't really like to put myself in a box by giving my music a genre, instead I say welcome on board and enjoy the musical journey.

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As hard as this industry is, there is always someone who is trying to enter into this industry. With your success and recognition, what are you doing to help those people?

I love talking to aspiring artists to make them understand that fine-tuning your craft is the biggest weapon. I help them find their sound/musical identity where I can. Your great work will open all the doors. I also warn them against signing bad contracts and recommend seeking legal advice to avoid complications in their careers.


How has your background shaped you into the person that you are today?

You can read traits of my whole background in my life and career today. How I grew up taught me to always fight for my dreams and work hard for everything I want in this life while being considerate and grounded. I have seen and overcome so much on this earth to also know that no man has the power to stand in the way of your dreams, so go ahead and soar to the top of the world.

What is your message to all the musicians out there?

To all my musical brothers out there...stay true, keep it African and be the best you. The world awaits. 

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