South Africans still haven't forgiven Trevoh Noah for missing the MAMAs

While many had a heart-warming reaction to Trevor Noah's Facebook post, South Africans took the opportunity to tell him off. 

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Trevor Noah

In the lead up to the release of his book, “Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood”, and following him missing the MTV Africa Music Awards, South African comedian and daily show host Trevor Noah, released an excerpt of his book in the American Publication, The New York Times.

The excerpt, titled “The First Time I Drove a Car. (I Was 6.)” chronicles the first time Noah learned how to drive, along an empty stretch of the highway.

“On the commute to work and school, there was a long stretch of the road into town that was completely deserted. That’s where my mom would let me drive. On the highway. I was 6. She’d put me in her lap and let me steer and work the indicators while she worked the pedals and the stick shift.”

He then shared the link to the story on his Facebook page.

While the heart-warming tale seems to have inspired users from around the world to commend him on his writing and share their own experiences of the first time they drove, South Africans took the opportunity to remind Noah that he said he was sick. Proving once again, that we have absolutely no chill.

Here are some of the responses:

He's going to have to do something BIG to make it up to us. Maybe his upcoming appearance on Real Talk with Anele might do the trick. 

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