WATCH: Trevor Noah was ACTUALLY in Black Panther

How did we miss that though?

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Trevor Noah

Surprise. Lies aside, we were just as shook as you are. Well, not really, let's just call it being surprised but not surprised. 

I mean for a movie that was lauded for putting South African talent dead center in it, it was kind of off that our most prized export wasn't a part of it. It was weird. Little did we know that the Daily Show presenter was ACTUALLY in the movie. What began this investigation was this picture of the movie's end credits which showed his name

And shortly after that, this video came and if you listen closely, you'll hear a voice you know

Flooored. Though we're a little touched that he had to put on an extra accent for this role (Lord, after the mixed bag of accents we got from actors we were okay hey) but hey it's just another win for the man. 

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