Why Is Everyone Telling Trevor's Inside Joke?

It's supposed to be on the down low people!

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You just gotta love this man, every time he trends on social media you know it's all for either laughs or for a good cause.

Once again, Trevor has put his country on the map for all the right reasons during his speech at the 91st Academy Awards.

The Daily Show host took to the podium to introduce the hit film (Black Panther) and in true Trevor Noah style, it was his hilarious speech that has had him trending for the past couple of hours.

Apart from throwing shade at Mel Gibson, Trevor Noah also threw a lot of white folk off balance when he said something in Xhosa [Which we shall not translate because it's an inside joke..duh..] and then proceeded to explain what he said in English. Now the gag is, what he explained was the total opposite of what he said in Xhosa.

But now, the people that understood what he said are kind of taking the fun out of his speech by translating what he said in Xhosa into English.

Come on guys, stop spoiling the fun, let the joke run for the next 24 hours. But we bet that some white people have already figured out what he said. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

In other good Trevor news, did you know that he was actually a part of the Black Panther movie which walked away with three Oscars on Sunday night?

Now you're probably thinking, 'wait a minute, but I never saw Trevor in the movie.' And you're absolutely right, that's because the comedian only offered his voice for the movie.

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest during his red carpet interview at the Academy Awards, Noah explained that he was the voice-over navigation system for the spaceship in the movie.

So how did he get the role?

Well, Trevor explained to Ryan Seacrest that it was all thanks to the director of the movie - Ryan Coogler.  Trevor explained that the opportunity presented itself when the director was in the process of making the film.

Coogler had approached Trevor and had informed him that he wanted to know a lot of things about South Africa and about Trevor's Xhosa culture, from there on the two formed a bond and that is how his Black Panther role came about, which is quite cool despite the fact that the role was small.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@TrevorNoah
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