Tshepo Kgapane: The future of SA radio

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Tshepo "[email protected]" Kgapane  | Top of The

Tshepo Kgapane would love to become a big deal in radio one day.

The YFM personality, who began his journey at Voice of Wits (VOW) FM in 2011, said he's been working hard to improve his overall delivery as a radio broadcaster. "I would love to be on drive or breakfast on YFM one day. Ultimately, I believe that I’m in the front row of the next generation and wave of young, influential and talented radio broadcasters. I’ve planted that seed through hard work and determination, and one of these days I will reap, what I have sowed." 

He said he's always known that his personality would fit the YFM brand.  "At the beginning of 2015 I sent an unorthodox and crazy-a$$ radio demo to YFM. I knew that my personality could fit well with the brand and listeners could easy relate to me. Soon after that, I signed on the dotted line and joined the station as part of the new 2015 line-up," he explained. 

After seeing Khabzela and Monde’s banners, he said it finally hit him that he was part of the station he grew up listening to. "So many legends and greats started here. My experience so far has been amazing. New listeners, new systems, new challenges and a new environment. I feel right at home. The listeners seem to be loving my show #Stoep992 and the response has been overwhelming."

He might have reached one of his goals, but Tshepo will not forget where he started. Speaking about how he got into radio, he said: "Curiosity of the medium and its power to touch listeners drew me in. I quickly learnt as much as I could, from radio presenting, to content production and voice overs. I conducted the campus radio station’s first outside broadcast. My hard work, energy and rawness earned me a premium slot on lunch in 2013. I continued to hone my skill, knowing that commercial radio was the next step in my radio journey." 

He described radio as his first love and added: "But ultimately, I want to become a brand that people can relate to, understand and look up to - TV, motivational speaking, media and music business are part of my overall plan." 

Tshepo is currently doing his post-graduate diploma in management and wants to pursue his MBA in 2016. 

Catch Tshepo on YFM every weekend from 6pm-9pm.