Tumi and Somizi's road to to the SAMAs

The SAMAs are around the corner and these two are more than prepared to handle their roles as the official hosts.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Tumi Morake  | Top of The

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When we heard that Som'G and Tumi were selected as this year's SAMA hosts we knew the organizers of the show had made the right decision.

Tumi Morake and Somizi Mhlongo are the perfect hosts for this show, their care-free personalities and positive outlook on life will undoubtedly shine through come Saturday night.

As the two go through rigorous rehearsal schedules to ensure the night runs smoothly, we decided to catch up with Tumi to let us in on how the rehearsal process has been going for the two so far.

The first thing we wanted to know about Tumi was the various outfits she is set to be wearing on the night. According to Tumi she'll be dressed by a number of designers.

"Overall I'll be styled by Brenda Khambule who is my fairy godmother. I'll be wearing Inspired by Brenda Khambule, Louis Joseph, Atelier Dajee, Craig Jacob, Rahul's Couture and Zarth designs."

Tumi Tumz

Now we all know that the stakes are high in terms of the Song of The Year  category, we asked Tumi who she thinks will walk away with the award this year and this is what she had to say:

"No idea, and I literally can't even say who I am rooting for. It' tough."

If there's one thing Tumi has come to appreciate about working with Somizi is how serious they both take their craft which is totally understandable considering how long they've been in the entertainment industry.

"Actually, we've never worked together before. We care about our craft and we want to make this a memorable show."  says Tumi.

Hosting a show of such magnitude undoubtedly comes with many challenges, Tumi mentioned that their biggest challenge thus far has to be them trying to find the time to ensure that their schedules did not clash.

"Time. We are SO busy so coordinating schedules was a challenge. Otherwise nah, it's been nothing but good times."

Tumi Morake

Having performed on many stages across the country you would expect these two to be so chilled about the task at hand but Tumi has revealed that she is very nervous about hosting such an event as it can all easily go down south real quick!

"I'm totally nervous! Because the awards are not about you, they are about the celebrated musicians, but the minute you mess them up they could become all about you for all the wrong reasons.."

And if you're still wondering which artists Tumi is rooting for to win on the night, wonder no more as she's bet her money on the likes of Babes Wodumo, Kwesta and local band, Khalil.

Somizi and Tumi

Many local awards have come under fire because of the poor quality of production but Tumi has assured us that this year's SAMAs will not fall under such criticism.

"They didn't just decide to copy an award show they saw overseas, this year's show is focused on the talent, instead of worrying about quantity the focus has been on quality. There is also special attention paid to using time effectively so the show packs more punch. The cherry on top is getting Tumi and Somizi. A pairing you don't get on any ordinary day."

VWV productions who are behind the creation of this years SAMAs have also received the stamp of approval by Tumi who has been working closely with them since she found out she was going to be the host of the event.

"It's been cool and not too many grey hairs. They are easily accessible and you don't have to go through 10 people to get a simple answer, which often happens with big shows. Quite a pleasure."


All the best of luck to both Tumi and Somizi we can't wait to see what they have in store for us come Saturday night.