We want a family like Tumi Morake's one

There's nothing like acting a fool with the ones you love

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If there's one thing we've come to appreciate with some of our entertainment couples is how they don't take themselves too seriously. Especially when it comes to their families as well.

We cannot count the number of times the likes of Fikile and Atandwa Kani have made us laugh with their comic videos.

Public arguments #OrSomethingLikeThat @fiksie

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The same goes for Tumi Morake and her adorable family. Tumi who is married to actor and writer  Mpho Osei-Tutu, have been married for the past 8-years and share three kids together.

Tumi who loves to refer to her family as an organized chaos gives us life every time she shares those cute moments with her family.

Like every time they attempt to take a cute family photo but it turns out to be a bit weird with someone either making funny faces...

...or dangling from one of their parent's arm.

We'd definitely love to be a fly on the wall at the Tutu family household, it seems like a lot of fun goes down there every day.

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We especially can't get over Tumi's daughter Afia, she seems like the bigger star in the family.

Baby girl didn't even realize she was doing the Thobela dance here.

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Afia is totally not about that exercising life either...." I can't...!!"

And whatever Queen Afia wants Queen Afia probably gets. Make-up, nail polish, you name it!

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Shout out to Tumi and her adorable family, again, Queen Afia at the bottom there making sure her pout is the cutest.

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