Why Ty Keogh is so sexy!

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Ty Keogh has been driving us...well, wild as one of the stars of M-Net's TV soap series, The Wild. ZAlebs caught up with this heart-throb for a little style Q&A
Add this to a long line of sexy awards like CLEO Bachelor of the Year 2011, Mr April in Cosmo’s 2012 calendar, You Spectacular Awards Sexiest Male Celeb and ClarinsMen Sexiest Man of 2012, we can safely say this actor, model and film maker is pretty recognizable.
Your signature look - What do you think defines your look? 
I keep things simple. If I'm dressing up its a slim cut suit which I pair up with a crisp white shirt or T-shirt. Keeping things simple keeps it timeless.
What’s your fail safe outfit?
Dark denim, all stars and a great fitting tshirt. Maybe add a leather jacket if its cold.
Keeping your body in tip top shape – how do you do it?
I train at 360 specialised training with my trainer, Chris Walsh, twice a week. I usually head to gym alone at least twice more in the week, and weekends I surf as much as possible. Also the occasional run and cycle to mix things up. I try to eat clean, and I don't drink alcohol - which makes things easier.
Swimwear – speedo/shorts – what do you prefer and why?
If I'm training in the pool I wear a speedo, but its boardshorts for the beach or chilling at the pool.
What’s your favourite outfit to wear out to a party/event?
These days I keep a very low profile, I don't like events and parties have never been my thing. I try to dress appropriate to the function so as not to attract attention. Suit to a formal event, if not formal, I'm in denim and all stars.
Ty Keogh's Casual style – what do you wear when you chilling at home/with friends?
Well right now I'm on a surftrip up the coast with some mates, so it's definitely comfort over fashion. Basically, whatever is clean.
Leggings for men – what’s your take on this trend?
Haven't come across this. Unless you're riding a horse competitively or doing some kind of modern dance, I don't see the point. I'm sure it's very comfortable, but no.
While we won't be able to see Ty in his game ranger gear, chasing after drama and ladies in The Wild (since the series was canned...bummer), we hope he pops up on our small screens again soon.