What Is The Deal Between Uncle Waffles And Drake?

Does he have a little crush on our Waffles?

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Uncle Waffles and Drake
22-year-old Amapiano princess Lungelihle Zwane popularly known as DJ Uncle Waffles has been on the headlines for mostly the right reasons for a long time now. 

One of the reasons is her connection if there exists one between herself and Canadian rapper Drake.

Mzansi has been left wondering whether the two are dating, about to date or it is just appreciating each other’s talent and nothing romantic brewing.

If you are one of those people who've been wondering what the deal is between Uncle Waffles and Drake, then here is everything we know so far.

How did Uncle Waffles and Drake’s chemistry begin?

Drake, source: Instagram

The Uncle Waffles and Drake story all started when the Canadian rapper mentioned Uncle Waffles on his Instagram story, the rapper has over 100 million followers and millions of Mzansi watched in awe as he made mention of Uncle Waffles. 

That particular mention by Drake had Mzansi talking for days with some believing that Drake might actually have a little crush on Waffles. At the same time, some saw it as a sign of a possible partnership and collaboration between the two.

 Rumors of Drake having a crush on Uncle Waffles gathered pace following the release of his new album ‘Honestly, Never Mind.’ The rapper’s lyrics from one of the songs on the album prompted netizens to start questioning if part of the album was inspired by Uncle Waffles.

We all know how Drake has used lyrics in his music to pass messages to his crushes before. “If I was your favorite uncle, I’d buy you waffles every time you waddle outta my castle,” reads the lyrics.

For now we are left to speculate what the future holds in regards to any sort of relationship between Uncle Waffles and Drake. Considering how private Uncle Waffles keeps her personal life including her love life, it will take time for the public to find out if there is any romantic relationship therein.

Casper Nyovest even once tweeted that while he admires Uncle Waffles and would so much love to sign her to his record label, Family Tree, he hopes that Drake will sign her instead. His tweet seemed to confirm the kind of respect and standard he thinks the DJ deserves.

Other big fans of Uncle Waffles

Uncle Waffles, source: Facebook

It seems Uncle Waffles' career is just getting started and on a swift rise to its peak with several other world stars appreciating her talent recently. 

American rapper and businessman P Diddy seems to be the latest addition to the growing list of prominent celebrities to become the DJ’s fan. He was seen in a video vibing to Waffle’s song Tanzania.

With love comes hate too…

While there is apparent love for Uncle Waffle, there has also been hate from some quarters. She at some point had to publicly come out to explain her sexuality on social media after some section of Mzansi suggested she is transgender.

This was after a video surfaced online of her dancing with people who have openly identified as members of the LGBTQ. She has in the past openly supported the community, something that some of her ‘fans’ don’t really agree with.

As of now, Uncle Waffles' dating life is unknown as she rarely talks about it or posts anything on social media about her love life. One thing we are certain of though, is that whoever bags her will definitely be lucky and it well might be Drake.

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