Uyanda: It's on - what was that?

Uyanda M's reality show was underwhelming.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Top of The

Uyanda Mbuli

So, several people, like us, all tuned into SABC 3 to check out a new local reality show called Uyanda: It's on. We were expecting to see the the socialite's glamorous life, and that's what we saw, well, sort of. 

At the beginning of the show, we saw Uyanda on a plane on her way to Dubai. That got us feeling excited because we thought things would only get more interesting from there. But what did we get after that? Confusion. 


We went from a reality show, to a documentary. Uhmm... that was really unexpected.  

So the first episode was a mix between "reality" and Uyanda and her friends telling viewers about her life - from past to present. 

She also felt the need to address those reports from way back in the day of her wearing fake Christian Louboutin shoes, and also highlighted her achievements, obviously!

However, while watching the show, we felt like "this is not was we signed up for". A lesson in history? Nah. 


Oh, can we also talk about the never-ending commentary? 

There were moments where we'd see footage, but no sound. You know when you're watching a reality show and people are having a conversation? We're used to hearing what they're speaking about, but in this case, we got voice-overs from Uyanda. That was annoying, really. 


So, should we tune in next week? Maybe we will, after hearing Uyanda explaining her dream on Trending SA on Wednesday evening. 

She said: "Let me explain my dream with this whole reality television. It's not just about being famous in South Africa, I wanted to create a show that I can take to the world. 

"So this is a production that I funded myself. So when people sit there and they criticize, and whatever, I'm okay with it because I'm an executive producer of the show I paid for it with my own money. I'm only licensing it to the SABC because I have a vision of where I'm going with it. I want to be an international reality superstar who comes from South Africa, but is of global significance. I can go to Nigeria, I can go to Ghana, I can go anywhere in the world." 

Well, let's just hope the quality of the show will improve before it goes to the rest of the world.