UyangthandaNa: The case of the disappearing food

But how can you not love this show?

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Uyanghtandana meme

 UyangthandaNa needs to be nominated for 'Best Reality Show' for next year's SAFTAs. We can't remember the last time any of its episodes did not make us roll on the floor with laughter.

This week Moshe introduced us to entrepreneur - Sandile who wanted to confess his love to a lady by the name of Phumzile.

Sandile has known Phumzile for quite a while and works closely with her when it comes to their respective businesses.

As usual, the crusher was nervous about expressing his feelings towards Phumzile and thus needed the assistance of the UyangthandaNa crew to help him get his message across.

Just like the shows many episodes we were convinced that Phumzile was not going to accept Sandile's love offer because of several things such as:

  • She was asked if she was in a relationship, she responded by explaining that it's 'complicated.' Usually, that means trouble for us.
  • Phumzile mentioned that she loves a man who is bald and tall, Sandile is short and has dreadlocks.
  • When Sandile asked her if she loves him this was her reaction...

So things really didn't look positive for Sandile, but, as always, the episode had a plot twist and Phumzile agreed to date Sandile.

However, it is not her agreement to get into this relationship that caught our attention, but it was CSI Twitter's sharp attention to detail that had us rolling on the floor with laughter.

Viewers realised that there was a strange disappearance of the food that was decked out on the table.

To the show's defense, maybe the producers just didn't see the need to showcase the waiter placing the food on the table and therefore decided to just edit that part out.

However, we can see how weird that looked to the viewer on the other side of the screen.

In other news, we honestly can't wait to watch next week's episode,


Main Image credit: Twitter