Azwindini and Gadaffi's boxing match ended up in a draw

It's a boxing match everyone had been waitng for but it unfortanetly ended in a draw

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Vuyo Dabula  | Top of The

Gadaffi and Azwindini

Not that we wanted to see the two men kill each other in the boxing ring, but we think the match would've been more entertaining if someone actually won the competition.

Even one knockout from Gadaffi or Azwindini would've made our day, but it seems like Vuyo Dabula (Gadaffi) and Gabrielle Temudzani (Azwindini) were not out there to be victors but to play a fair sport and entertain the masses.

The match which played last night, on SABC 2 had fans of Generations: The Legacy and Muvhango glued to their seats patiently waiting to see which man would swing the first blow.

Although it was a draw, Vuyo Dabula was very prepared and confident that he was going to handle Gabrielle properly.

During the weeks ahead of the fight Vuyo constantly taunted Gabrielle but in a playful manner of course.

Vuyo was so prepared for the fight, he's videos were starting to scare us, just look at that swing.

#twist and shout!!!! #coach William Gare. Amazing Legend! #bsa #thepowerof3 #thechampsarehere

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Even though the fight was a draw some felt that Azwindini should've won the fight.

And unfortunately some viewers thought the boxing match was a waste of time whilst some shaded Gadaffi's fighting technique.

We're sorry to see that some of you did not enjoy the match as much.

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