Watch: The best Khabonina rap challenge thus far

Khabonina just keeps inspiring people.

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Six years after her stint as a rapper, on Thursday, South Africans were reminded of Khabonina's rap single "Wax On, Wax Off."

Like with many videos that go viral, social media users decided to engage in a Khabonina challenge and re-enact their own version of the song.

In case you missed Khabonina's rap video or don't recall ever seeing it, here it is again.

The lyrics are something else, right?

Well, South Africans joined in on the fun and decided to create their own Khabonina rap lyrics inspired by her 'Wax On, Wax Off' single.

This video was by far our favourite.

Even Touch HD brought back the song on the airwaves.

Khabonina needs to do a remix for this song. It's clearly getting a lot of people's attention. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Khabonina'Q'ness

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