WCW: Rich Factory's Rina Chunga

Rina is rich in beauty, creativity, fashion, and confidence.

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Rich Factory's Rina Chungu

Wednesday wouldn't be complete without a #WCW feature and this week we are crushing on Rina Chunga,  designer behind African contemporary brand, Rich Factory.

Rina is not just like any other designer, she is bold, creative and definitely rich in many ways.

The 27-year-old founder of Rich Factory, originally from Zambia is our crush for the week not only for her talent as a designer but also for her courage in showing off her perfect imperfections. 

Rina who has been suffering from Lupus, a condition marked by the inflammation of skin has not let the disease define her at all.

I haven't shared on my condition in a while but something happened to me yesterday that has me wanting to share. Yesterday I wore a tight short dress that @cassandra_seg gave me years ago. I love this dress but I haven't been confident enough to wear it in years because it shows my lumps really clearly both on my thighs & arms (I wear short dresses and short sleeved things but they strategically cover my lumps & bumps) ...Anyway I was going to be amongst a lot of friends & my man, who all encourage me to wear whatever the hell I want to wear despite my condition so I felt comfortable enough to pull out that dress. My boyfriend was very excited to see me in that dress & I will admit I was feeling pretty damn good about myself. Well when we finally arrived at the destination I jumped out to make sure all the promo ladies looked good and gather their cardigans so we could revel their amazing outfits we had been working on for 7 months, I was feeling good, happy and very excited to see my vision come to life... as I walked confidently past a crowd of young ladies who were there to enjoy the event, one of them yelled out "bona ba mo jele lotho" they burst out laughing "bwaaahhhaaawaahhhhawahhh" pointing, high 5ing each other. ....well... they succeeded in hurting a stranger they know nothing about, they know nothing about my heart ache or the tears I have cried, they know nothing about medical bills or seeing doctor after doctor with no answers, they know nothing about medication that costs thousands a month, they know nothing about focusing on your inner being and how grateful I am that I could go out & enjoy the day because I am healthy on the inside, because I have been fighting fatigue for years now & I am better, that I am stronger & happier & healthier & than I have been in years. They don't know my struggles, but hey, I do & damn I have already beaten this thing, I am already done with it. Sometimes it hurts me but mostly I'm just a strong ass boss chic who is killing this thing. #autoimmune #melanin #bodyconfidence #selflove

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It's so admirable how she flaunts her condition in confidence regardless of what people have to say about her body.

Rich Factory

 Rina has dressed A-list celebrities such as Nomzamo Mbatha, Bonnie Mbuli and Nomuzi Mabena to name a few.

Rina Chunga

Her relationship with her boyfriend is our ultimate #RelationshipGoal


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