We're all #LeavingFebruaryLike...

It was a long yet short month

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Despite the sadness that has succumbed the nation over the death of Thoriso Themane, Twitter users have decided to remain positive by creating a light-hearted trend with the hashtag -  #LeavingFebruaryLike...

The hashtag trend is basically a farewell to February as people express how the second month of the year treated them thus far.

Although the love month might be the shortest, for some people February felt like 28 days of pure torture, and some of us can definitely attest to that. Especially considering how there wasn't really a difference between January a February, in actual fact, in South Africa February is just the continuation of January, the year really starts in March, and we can't wait!

Now this tweet below just gave us some severe anxiety, now look what you've done Pastor Alpha Lukau now people are taking this whole resurrection thing a bit to far.

No thank you, we do not want to repeat February, the month was challenging enough.

Also, when the year began a lot of people declared that 2019 was going to be the year that all of their wishes come true. Unfortunately for some, none of what they've hoped for has come to fruition.

Err...but guys, aren't you being a little hard on yourselves? We've still got ten months to go, so don't worry Yolisa your day is coming, keep your head up.

While others are stressed about not finding a school, for some the end of February means school tests and exams are approaching very soon. Yikes!

And thanks to the #MensConference it's clear that some people didn't have an enjoyable Valentine's Day hence them exiting the month of love as a single person.

Yeah, this tweet cut deep and the honesty in it just made it worse. February really was a hellish month.

Well, at least some people are leaving February in true African style...by dancing.

So March, please be gentle, we've been bruised terribly by January and February, right now we're very vulnerable, so please take it easy on us. We beg.
But the most important thing to keep in mind is that every month has its challenges, no month is smooth-sailing...well..maybe December but the rest are always an uphill battle. The only thing to do is keep your head down, work hard, drink water and mind your own business.

Goodluck with March people.

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