5 Local Brands Slaying Traditional Attire

Can't go wrong reping your culture

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Traditional attire may be just a trend overseas, but here it is part of our every day life. As you get older, we learn that you can't get away with living in South Africa without a few traditional inspired outfits ready to pull out for an event.

If this is your pay day week, now is the perfect time to look at these local brands for your next Wakanda themed birthday party or your fave cousin's wedding.

Khosi Nkosi
This brand actually made a name for themselves specifically from traditional attire. Khosi Nkosi stocks YDE stores nationwide with modern designs of traditional tops and dresses.
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iRun JHB
A local streetwear brand started by 2 young guys with a passion for fashion. They aim to create traditional-inspired streetwear. They take global trends in street culture and add a local twist. Sound familiar? Well, they have been supported by celebs like Sho Madjozi.
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Rich Factory
The Wakanda themed party we mentioned earlier? Well, this is the go-to designer your faves would go to. Rich factory is known for mixing traditional prints from all over Africa to create a very eclectic yet distinctly local aesthetic.
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This brand aims to create Afro Futuristic traditional outfits. The idea is to create African traditional inspired prints that mix global influences and hopefully take out cultural attire into the sci-fi future we all envision.
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