We’re going to miss the Ranakas

We're sad to see them go but we'll find peace in the fact that they'll be back on screen soon.

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We’re going to miss the Ranakas

Last night marked the final episode of season one of Mzansi Magic’s latest reality show, The Ranakas, and we must say, we’ll be sad to see them go.

Especially mommy and daddy. We don’t know about you guys, but here at ZAlebs, mme Ranaka and ntate Ranaka remind us a lot of our parents, aunts, and uncles.

On last night’s episode, ntate Ranaka finally surprised mme Ranaka with a romantic evening after she asked him earlier in the season where the romance in their marriage had gone.

She seemed genuinely surprised as he walked into the kitchen during her lunch and surprised her with a single rose (so cute).

The Ranakas final epsiode

He then told her to go change and get ready as he had bought her a dress and was taking her out.

Mme Siba then called her friend to seba (gossip) about the cute gesture from her husband. That part had us laughing so hard.

Siba Ranaka romantic evening

He also got all dressed up before showing us how it’s done by leading his wife to the car, opening every single door for her and pulling out her chair at the restaurant.

It turns out he had planned a romantic six-course dinner for her, complete with some wine. Awww man!

The ranakas final episode

The couple then reminisced about how they met before mme Siba revealed that at the beginning of their relationship, he wasn’t everything that she wanted in a man. He then let her know that he didn’t initially see physical beauty in her but it was everything else about her that attracted him to her.

The Ranakas final episode

And that ladies and gentlemen is the mark of a true, mature relationship - they were able to be honest with each other without getting petty or angry about each other’s revelations. And yet, after all those years together, they still needed to connect through a quiet romantic evening.

The final episode also saw Mzingisi and Michelle finally workout their differences so that Mzi could pay for lobola for Michelle and so that the Ranaka family could welcome their new makoti.

The Ranakas are real, dysfunctional and messy but underneath it all, they are a funny, close knit family who loves each other and it is this normality that draws us to them.

Thank goodness a second season is on the way, we can’t wait to see what else the family will be getting up to come season 2.

If you missed last night’s episode, catch the repeat this Saturday, 8 April at 6pm on DSTV channel 161.  

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