What Happened To Menzi Ngubane's Father?


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Menzi Ngubane
Menzi Ngubane was a legendary actor who had a successful acting career that lasted for over thirty years. 

In his long acting career, Menzi Ngubane played dozens of roles in prominent television shows including Generations, Yizo Yizo and Isibaya as well as critically acclaimed films including How to Steal 2 Million.

His remarkable acting talent on the small and big screens won him prestigious awards as well as the affection of fans across the country and when news that he had passed on broke, many were devastated. 

Sadly for his family, a couple of days after the actor died, his father passed on too and the father and son were buried together.

Here is everything you need to know about Menzi Ngubane's death, his father's death, and their funeral. Also, check out the illness that Menz Ngubane had battled for years.

Menzi Ngubane’s death and funeral

The late Menzi Ngubane, source: Facebook

Menzi Ngubane died on the 13th of March 2021 in his home in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal after suffering from a stroke. 

The award-winning actor was 56 years old at the time of his death and he left behind a wife- Sikelelo Sishuba and two daughters- Siyasanaga and Ziyanda Ngubane.

Announcing the demise of the actor, the Ngubane family spokesperson said:

"It is with great loss that the Ngubane family announces the passing of its son, acclaimed actor Menzi Ngubane, who passed away earlier today. Menzi spent much of his time trying to demystify issues relating to kidney disease and sugar diabetes while promoting positive lifestyle changes needed to cope with the diseases.”

The family further thanked everyone who had supported their son and the family as the late actor battled with health issues.

Menzi Ngubane's father's death

Sadly for the Ngubane family, another tragedy befell them as Menzi Ngubane’s father passed on just three days after Menzi Ngubane’s death.

A memorial service was also held for the actor at the Assemblies of God church in Sandton, where his friends, family and colleagues paid their tributes to the actor.

Another joint memorial service was held in honour of the late actor and his father on the 20th of March 2021 at the Ladysmith Indoor Sports Centre and family and friends of the deceased father and son paid their final respects to them. They were both later buried in their home in KwaZulu Natal.

What illness was Menzi Ngubane suffering from?

The late Menzi Ngubane, source: Facebook

Menzi Ngubane suffered from kidney failure and diabetes. He had to undergo lots of treatment over the years, including a transplant,  to keep him going. 

He was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2004 and joined the wait list for a kidney transplant. In 2014, he finally got a successful kidney transplant.

In a past interview, the deceased actor went on the record to expose the poor working conditions in the film industry using his personal experience as an example.

He revealed that he had been ill while he was working at Generations. He spent 7 weeks in the hospital at some point and after being discharged on a Thursday, he was called in the following day and asked to report to work the following Monday. Although he was still very weak and in recovery, he reported to work and shot between 6-7 scenes that day.

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