What Is The #MensConference2019 About?

We've got all the scoop for you ladies

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Top of The

Ladies, you're probably scrolling your social media timeline and wondering what on earth is the 2019 Mens Conference and why it's been trending all morning, right?

Well, firstly all you need to know is that the #MensConference is currently underway and apparently it's being attended by most South African men. And if your man knows nothing about this conference then he probably isn't much of a social media user, which is always a good thing.

Secondly, the #MensConference is only happening on social media and is in actual fact not really happening in the real world. So seriously ladies, you can relax, your man is probably at work or at home tweeting about a conference he is not even attending.

Even though some men are trying to convince the ladies otherwise.

To a certain extent, we actually think the #MensConference was created to steer the attention away from Valentines Day and it is clearly working as it is trending right behind the day of love movement. 


Women on social media have been quite concerned about this sudden conference as they feel left out and are itching to know what this conference is about. Even 7de Laan made fun at how salty women are feeling right now about this entire conference.

Again ladies, don't worry this gathering of your husbands, boyfriends and sons is imaginary, however this recent tweet of tickets for the mens conference had many women shook!

Here's a look at some of the hilarious memes from the 2019 Mens Conference that does not exist.

We're guessing there's going to be an imaginary performance by Dr Malinga.

There also seems to be various branches of this supposed conference.

And apparently these are the type of policewomen who will be ensuring that the conference is a smooth sailing gathering.

Are you men really trying to give your girlfriends & wives heart attacks?

Wow, really?

The Pretoria branch must be seriously lit.

Even though it may seem like the ladies aren't welcome we appreciate how some of the woman are attending by fire by force!

We hope there are more ladies who are planning on gate-crashing gathering during the course of the day.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Somizi