Watch: What movies would SA celebs make with an unlimited budget

On the eve of the nationwide release of the Disney film, Queen of Katwe, we spoke to some South African celebs about what kind of movies they would make with a Hollywood budget.

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Florence Masebe teach kids more

In addition to Disney’s latest film, Queen of Katwe’ being the first of their films set in Africa without an animal in sight, the film also features a number of South African actors amongst their entirely African cast. 

Considering the fact that the film was given a budget of 15 Million US dollars, it’s commercial success could bode well for film production on our continent.

Very few South African films get to enjoy the luxury of a multi-million Rand (let alone million dollar) budget. Hopefully, Queen of Katwe wins at the box-office so that we can show just how far stories about us, for us, by us can go.

We asked a few celebs which African stories they would tell if they were given an unlimited budget as well as who they would cast as a male and female lead if they were given the opportunity. This is what they had to say:

Toya Delazy 

Akin Omotoso

Florence Masebe

Maps Maponyane

 Queen of Katwe opens in cinemas nationwide tomorrow, 14 October 2016.