What was on your celebrity thanks giving plate?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Top of The

Our international celebrities took to social networks yesterday to show off their culinary skills in the kitchen.  Well, we know some had their chefs to cook up a storm for them but nonetheless these food posts had us gawking the computer screens.

There’s nothing that screams out holiday time than a delicious plate of good food! Yesterday some of our international celebrities shared their thanks giving grubbing moments in the kitchen by posting an influx of food porn which included jerk-turkey, grilled yams, sweet-potato pie, macaroni and cheese...ok we’ll stop right there before we end up in a pool of saliva.

He's usually one of those rappers who takes he's health very seriously but yesterday The Game let the spirit of thanks giving take over his gluttony addiction and posted what looked like a seven course meal to get things started. Now if this isn't some x-rated food porn we don't know what it is.



















Looking at her frame you'd think Karrueche doesn't eat much, but this pint-size model loves her food,piling up her plate of thanks giving goodness with some turkey, macaroni and cheese and what seemed  like some greens on the side.


















Former wrestling star and 'Fast & The Furious' actor - The rock got on some serious sugar high with his daughter as they indulged in some delicious thanks giving treats.  Are you hungry yet? we're sure are.













This has to be one of our favourite food posts.  Bet's 106 & Park presenter Shad Moss was kind enough to even post a video of his food porn fiesta which included some salmon, lobster, shrimp and some fried scallops.  Bring on the sea food!

Credit Images: Instagram personal pages