Whatever happened to the Masina twins?

Have the Masina twins retired from the entertainment industry for good?

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What happened to the masina twins

At one point they were THE twins in the entertainment industry. If they were not on the radio airwaves, they were on television either hosting a music show or doing a reality TV programme if not, you were bound to see them on stage hosting a gig but since then the Masina twins have gone quiet.

These days, the few if not only twins that are running parts of the local entertainment industry are Twins on Deck, Major Leauge DJ's and Loc 'n Ville.

However, from the early to mid-2000's we were introduced to two ladies by the name of Hlelo and Ntando Masina. 

They were honestly a breath of fresh air, two black females that were taking over the industry and to top it all off they were twins.

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It's like everywhere you turned, the twins were doing something new, from hosting a show on YFM

To being one of the few entertainers to have their own reality show on e.tv.

Remember their reality show, Blame it on Fame?

Ntando and Hlelo Masina

They even appeared on soccer magazines.

Ntando and Hlelo

But the twins haven't entirely disappeared, they may not be as present as they used to be when it comes to entertainment jobs but they are more than active when it comes to empowering young woman.

The twins who are involved in the Campaign For Girls initiative, which involves assisting young girls to find and nurture their passion have seen the campaign gain much traction in the past couple of years.

During their 2012 interview with Destiny Connect, explained why they decided to completely immerse themselves in this particular campaign.

"When we started working as radio presenters on YFM, lots of girls approached us for career advice, often on careers we had no clue about. We founded Campaign For Girls so girls could have easy access to a hub where they could get information they needed to pursue their intended career paths."

Are the twins planning on making a come back within the entertainment industry like their brother, and Metro FM presenter, DJ Naked? We'll just have to wait and see.

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