Who Is Nontle From Generations: The Legacy In Real Life?

Her real age will shock you!

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Buntu Petse, Nontle from Generations
Since she came to our screens in 2019, Nontle from Generations: The Legacy has quickly grown on fans who love her character to bits. 

But is Nontle from Generations the same person in real life? This article answers all your questions about who Nontle is in real life. We think that you will love her off-screen as much as you love her on-screen. 

Nontle from Generation real name, age, and background

Buntu Petse, source: Instagram

The youthful Nontle Majola on Generations: The Legacy is played by the talented and beautiful Buntu Petse. 

Although she plays the role of a teenager on television, Buntu Petse is actually 25 years old. She was born on 12th February 1997 in Johannesburg where she was also raised. 

Information about her parents, siblings, and family has not been provided although the young star has often cited her parents as her main source of inspiration.

Buntu Petse’s educational background

In real life, Nontle from Generation: The Legacy is more than just a high school student. She studied at the  University of Witwatersrand where she graduated with an Honours Degree in Dramatic Arts in 2019.

Is Buntu Petse married?

Nontle from Generations with her boyfriend in real life, source: Instagram

With her looks and charm, it is only normal for her to draw attention, especially from secret admirers. If you are one of the secret admirers who've been thinking of shooting their shot at her then we have some bad and good news for you. 

The good news is that Buntu is not yet married, but the bad news is that she is in a relationship and she seems to be very much in love.

Although she keeps her personal life relatively private, Bantu Petse is not one to hide the face of the person she loves, like most celebrities do.

She enjoys spending time with her man and although she has not yet provided his name, she has provided a couple of pictures of the man who stole her heart and we have to say that the two are perfectly made for each other. 

Asked about marriage and plans to have children by IOL, Buntu Petse revealed that she had plans of getting married, starting a family, and living in her own beautiful house in the next five years while still doing what she loves doing most- acting.

Buntu Petse’s career

Nontle from Generations on-set, source: Twitter

Buntu Petse’s role on SABC1’s Generation: The Legacy as Nontle Majola, Ayanda’s teenage daughter is her biggest role yet.

Before landing this role in 2019, Buntu had a role on SABC’s science and technology show for young people called Teenagers on a Mission (TOMz.)

In a past interview, Buntu Petse revealed that she dreams of starring in her own series where she plays the role of detective and catches the bad guys. We think she would nail such a role.

She is friends with Busi Kondleka in real life

The chemistry and friendship between Nontle and Melokuhle on Generations: The Legacy, goes beyond the screen and in real life, the two actresses who first met during the show’s auditions are close friends in real life.

Buntu Petse social media

Buntu Petse is quite active on social media and she uses the platforms to connect with her fans and share beautiful pictures of herself. The actress is clearly a fan favourite as she has over 300K followers on Instagram only.

If you’d like to catch up with Buntu Pente in real life then here are her verified social media accounts:

Instagram: @buntu_p

Facebook: Buntu Petse Actor 

Twitter: @petse_buntu
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