Who Is Shoki From House Of Zidwe In Real Life?

Like father, like daughter

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Shokwe from House of Zidwe
In July 2021, loyal viewers of e.TV’s long-running drama Rhythm City which had been on air for 14 years bid goodbye to the show. In its place and time slot, House of Zidwe started airing and since the first episode was aired, viewers have grown to love the show for its well-written plot with the right amount of drama as well as its talented cast who bring the characters to life.

One of those characters that viewers can’t get enough of on House of Zidwe is Shoki. On the show, Shoki is an aspiring model who is best friends with Ona and Nkosi Zidwe’s love interest.

When she is not busy being Shoki on House of Zidwe, the talented actress leads a very thriving life. Here is a look at who Shoki is in real life, including who her famous parents are, her other roles and her hidden talents.

Shoki from House of Zidwe real name and age

Shalate Sekhabi, source: Instagram

Shoki from House of Zidwe’s real name is Shalate Sekhabi. She was born in 2000 in Mafikeng in the North West Province. She speaks fluent English and Setswana.

She is the daughter of Aubrey Sekhabi, a renowned multi-award-winning writer, director, and administrator. 

Details about who her mother is as well as her siblings (if she has any) are currently unavailable.

Shalate Sekhabi education

Shalate Sekhabi is a well-educated young woman. She graduated from Crawford College in Pretoria in 2018. In 2019, she enrolled at the University of the Witwatersrand to study cinema and television.

Shalate Sekhabi's acting career

Young as she is, Shalate Sekhabi has been acting since she was much younger. When she was only 8 years old, she joined the drama club and the school choir where she started to hone her skills.

She landed her first film roles when she was 14 years old after she was cast in two short films- A Cup of Sugar and Making a Killing.

In 2020, Shalate Sekhabi made her debut on television when she landed a recurring role as Millicent on 1 Magic's hit show- The River.

The following year, she landed a role as Shoki on eTV’s House of Zidwe which by far is her greatest role yet although the star is still on the rise and we expect to see her on more shows and films.

Shalate Sekhabi's modelling career

Shalate Sekhabi, source: Instagram

Just like her character as Shoki on House of Zidwe who is an aspiring model, in real life, Shalate Sekhabo is a model too.

Her modelling journey like her acting journey started at a young age. When she was eleven, she joined Steele Models and officially launched herself as a model.

She is a musician

Besides her acting and modelling careers, Shalate Sekhabi is also a musician. In December 2021, she released her first song titled Trust.

The song has since then been pulled down from YouTube and other streaming platforms for reasons that have not been revealed.

She loves tattoos

Shalate Sekhabo, source: Instagram

Shoki from House of Zidwe is an inked girl in real life. She has several tattoos on her body including a couple of cute butterflies on her stomach. 

Shalate Sekhabi social media

You can catch up with Shoki from House of Zidwe on her various social media platforms and get to know what she is up to when she is not on television. She is currently not on Facebook but you can get her on the following platforms:

Instagram: shalatesekhabi

Twitter: @ShalateSekhabi

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