Who is the ultimate Queen of South African rap?

The ladies of hip-hop are making history

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Just by being within the hip-hop fraternity, one is bound to sense strong feminine energy, emanating from the squad.


The realm of hip-hop in South African history does not have a strong and highly visible representation of female rappers. Therefore, witnessing the powerful and empowering presence of the current generation of these rappers’ is quite a feat. These multi-talented ladies are boldly and deservingly seated at the prestigious hip-hop table.

Lee Kasumba

Take a look at some of the women doing big things: 


Rouge's rise to the top has proven to be quite difficult, she once shared how at one point she thought of quitting the music industry. However, today, she is a multi-award winning rapper.

Nadia Nakai

The hitmaker has sure come a long way in this music business. Her star power and lyrical prowess remain unmatched. 

Gigi Lamayne

Gigi Lamayne has been grinding since her teenage years, she got her pen game on lockdown as she has been able to remain resilient in this fickle industry. Her contribution to the hip-hop fraternity will never go unnoticed.

Fifi Cooper

Dynamites truly come in small packages hence this unassuming rapper can spit bars for days on end. The self-proclaimed "first lady of Motswako", has literally taken charge of her career.

Nomuzi Mabena

Nomuzi Mabena does not have a long history in rapping, however, when she entered the intimidating world of hip-hop, many took notice of her lyrical talent. The former Miss Benoni has proven that she is not a fluke.

Patty Monroe

Patty Monroe has taken pride in creating her own vibe of hip-hop music. This unconventional rap superstar has had her fair share of trials on her journey to stardom, however, she has remained unshaken.

Ms Cosmo

Ms Cosmo is most definitely holding it down on the airwaves with her award-winning show, The Stir Up on 5FM. Her influence does not end on the radio as she is bosom buddies with numerous female rappers' in the game. 


Loolove may not be a rapper, but she has a voice that commands attention in hip-hop. Speaking to True Love, she said: "I have watched local hip-hop literally grow from nothing in SA to being one of the most popular genres in the country. Knowing that I am contributing to this journey in such an impactful way is such a dope feeling".


Ah yes, Lee Kasumba, who could ever forget the legendary Lee Kasumba though? The multifaceted Lee co-hosted a revolutionary show on YFM called, Harambe back in the day. There is no way we can discuss the impact of females in hip-hop and not give a shout out to Lesley. She's been at it and is definitely one of the people that are at the forefront of women empowerment in hip- hop.

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