Why Twitter is a fun place to be again

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So I've been on a resident of Twitter for what the records say is five years. I'm not too sure, have I not had a life for that long

Anyway, back when I started out, South African Twitter was a small town; maybe even a small school with about 40 000 odd people having active Twitter accounts. You knew who to go to if you wanted to be updated on sport, kept in the loop with music or to have your spleen removed thanks to humour.

Humour was a big thing, you had to have a charm to you for people to follow you because hey, people were stingy with the big F button back then.

Also, with the community being so small, you couldn't be outchea ("Out here" for all of my followers aged 35+) talking sh*t about somebody else. As my good friend Daniel once said "Okes shouldn't talk about other okes".

But why? Go back to my analogy about Twitter being a small town or school. If I talk smack about you, I should either a) be able to smack you or b) expect a smack from you. That's just the way it worked. You can trust me on this, I went to a small school, Dale College, in a small town, King Williams Town. Trust me, ouens sal jou n' ngqindi kry.

This is an opinion piece, and in my opinion as Twitter grew exponentially in SA, from around 2011 to 2014, it lost its charm. People leaked nudes, grown ass men would kiss and tell, people would  "Cool story bro" to every tweet, women would talk about other women's body counts, what a mess!

I would go through many stages of not enjoying being there. Heck, once, I was so tired of the nonsense, I found myself  on Facebook, inboxing my dad. It was more fun than it sounds mind you.

Of late there has been a resounding resurgence of charm, humour & wit. People are now competing about who is the funniest character. Some dudes are competing about who the most handsome is, some claiming to be "modlers", I think we all know who I'm talking about here.

Feminism is rife in 2015 too. It’s almost the “in thing” to be a good person. Almost like it was in the beginning, you know? I hope this is not a fad or period that'll be replaced by another theme. You never know with that lot from black Twitter.

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