#ZAlebsBeauty - 5 women in beauty that you should support

While you're showing up for Connie, here are a few other brands you could check out 

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#ZAlebsBeauty - 5 women in beauty that you should support

Renowned South African actress, Connie Ferguson has been at the centre of a legal storm that has seen #ConnieBodyCare and #HandsOffConnie trend multiple times this past week.


Long story short, global manufacturer Beiersdorf AG are of the opinion that her men’s shower gel bares a strong resemblance to the branding of their own range. They have now taken to court to try and force her products off the shelves completely.

The upside to all this however is that she is receiving incredible amounts of support from South African social media users who have either gone out a bought her products and posted evidence thereof online or vowed to do so in future.

This new found interest in helping locals is beautiful so we thought we would recommend 4 other women in cosmetics that you should consider supporting.

Pearl Thusi - Black Pearl

Pearl Thusi - Black Pearl

Back in 2015, Thusi partnered up with Ntombenhle Khathwane who owns Afro Botanics to release a range of hair care products for the natural hair of women of colour.

The range is 100% natural and can be purchased at Clicks and Game stores.

Azania Mosaka (Ego Iwegbu and Linda Jangulo) - MSLondon Mineral Cosmetics


The owners of the Miss Salon London franchises expanded their business to include a range of mineral make up some years ago. According to their site, “MSLondon Mineral Cosmetics combines innovative thinking and years of precision formulation to create the world's purest cosmetic products.”

“MSLondon Minerals offers meticulously blended, high performing foundations, blushers, bronzers, contours and eyeshadows created from naturally occurring essential minerals - excluding chemicals, dyes, talc, fragrances or preservatives found in most cosmetics on the market.”

The products are available in all their stores and online and you can click here to view their range

Mummy Mthembu-Fawkes - Earthy Hair care

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Earthy hair care is a brand founded by Soweto native, Mummy Mthembu-Fawkes, who had struggled with her hair in her younger days.

She wanted nothing more than a big beautiful afro but had failed to grow and maintain one. Due to the pressure of a corporate environment in her younger years, she relaxed her hair to improve its appearance and make her hair more manageable but she hated every second of it.

One day, she left her job as a senior accounts manager at MTN to pursue her dream of creating a natural hair-care range.

She invested in research for the best formulations which she tried out on herself before turning it into a fully fledged brand.

“I decided to be unapologetically myself. I knew I wanted natural hair and told myself that’s exactly what I’d go for. I remember sitting one day and thinking to myself: I’m going to do this. There’s no reason why black South African women can’t grow long curly hair. I didn’t just want an afro – I wanted long, curly, bouncy hair,” she told Destiny in a 2015 interview.

For more info, you can visit the Earthy website, shop their online store, or join their online community

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