Zakes Bantwini asks: 'who should I work with next?'

It's almost time for some new Zakes Bantwini but he wants your help. 

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Zakes Bantwini

Being a family man is already work enough, so we kind of get taken aback when our favourite musicians can juggle both the spotlight and home life. Zakes seems like he's doing pretty okay. 

Okay enough, in fact, that he's announced that he's working on new music. 

Now, his last album 'Love, Light and Music 2' was released last year on the 23rd of June 2017 so it couldn't possibly be another one, right? Maybe it's just a single. But regardless of what it is, the man went on Twitter to ask for suggestions from the masses in deciding who he should get on it with him. 

Responses ranged from Lady Zamar, to Black Coffee, to Da Capo and more. Who do you think he should make some new vibes with? Tell us below. 

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