Zakes Bantwini on his new-born baby

Zakes won't be showing his new-born son on social media anytime soon.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Zakes Bantwini  | Top of The

Zakes bantwini

He also revealed that he's actually not a first time father.

It has been a few weeks since the birth of Nandi MadidaNandi Madida and Zakes Bantwini's child. The couple welcomed their baby boy in November and some people are already looking forward to seeing his face. 

However, that might not happen just yet. Speaking to V-Entertainment about fatherhood, Zakes explained that he's not a first-time father and that he has other kids. 

"But this time around it's special because I'm married now, getting a chance of really just raising my son." 

He said fans will probably not see pictures of the baby for at least a month or two because that's how they do things in the Zulu culture.  

"That's why you wouldn't see my child on Instagram or any other social media at least after a certain time..." 

Nandi and Zakes got married in a private ceremony in June a few months later, Nandi debuted her baby bump at the Mercedez-Benz Fashion show.

Image Credit: Instagram/ZakesBantwini