ZAlebs Bloopers part 2

Join us in our silly ZAlebs bloopers ride.

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Zalebs bloopers

As we reach the end of 2016 we look at some of the silly mistakes and outrageous behind the scenes moments that occured at the ZAlebs news studios

We here at ZAlebs have an incredible time filming the news, but no day in the studio is ever perfect. Even the best actors in the industry make mistakes and we have an awesome collection of our very own blunders.

From singing to choking on our words and even throwing a tantrum every now and then, here's what happens at the ZAlebs headquarters when the cameras are still rolling 

We'd also like to send a special shout out to our former ZAlebs team members who made the 2016 ZAlebs News studio a memorable one every day, the uncontrollable laughter and jokes definitely made recording the ZAlebs news worth it!