ZAlebs EMA 2014 Predictions part 1

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We're reporting live from the biggest city in Scotland and the host of this year's European Music Awards, Glasgow! First things first, it's COLD outchea! Just as we had begun getting used to Joburg's relentless summer afternoons, Glasgow had to drop in on our lives and kill us with the cold! But the weather isn't dampening our moods as we prepare to make our way to the SSE Hydro; the venue for  the 20th MTV EMAs. 

To ramp up the anticipation, we've decided to give you the first part of our EMA predictions. Wikipedia has the full list of nominees laid out for everybody to see, so we've decided to start from the bottom and work our way up the categories. 

Best Worldwide Act

This one is a tough category. See, if it comes down to pure votes, I'm very confident that One Direction will take it, however they can expect some stiff competition from Fifth Harmony (Who have a strong YouTube fan base!) and 5 Seconds of Summer. I'm a little sad not to see a South African act like Cassper Nyovest make the cut. 

Best Look[edit]

If the likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga failed to make this top five, you (as a nominee) know you are pulling off your look. Iggy, the new girl on the block doesn't look overwhelmed in this category and she could use her current momentum to make an impact. However, I think it will go to Taylor Swift. She's running the pop scene at the moment following the release of her new album 1989 which has smashed records left, right and centre. But even beyond the music, we're loving her cute, stylish blends. She's very chique and very in  right now. 

Biggest Fans[edit]

This one's going to One Direction. Look, everybody in this category has a frighteningly psycho fanbase. But when I heard that some fans of the band erected a monument at a site where Harry Styles threw up and that someone tried to sell his vomit on eBay, I gave them the title of "Biggest Fans". 

Best Push Act[edit]

​Ugh! So, so many good candidates for the Push Act category! If you don't watch MTV that often, here's what the Push Act is category is all about: 

MTV gives spotlight to certain 'hot' new-ish artists each month in a short segment they've called Push. So Lorde, who's nominated above, watched on as her videos were given spotlight on MTV's Push in October 2013. Each of the artists listed above has had the same spotlight for a month each. So how do you choose a winner? I think a lot of artists in this category have made an impact in their respective genres. I'm going to give this one to 5 Seconds of Summer. (If Push was difficult, I'm not looking forward to trying to predict Best Newcomer!) 

Best Live Act[edit]

I'm a very, very snobbish live concert critic. Whether I'm watching you in the flesh, or watching a video of you performing, I expect a lot. Of these nominees, Beyonce is the outright winner. She combines flawless vocals, energetic dancing and peerless charisma with emotion, love and sheer magnificence everytime she steps out on stage. 

Best Hip Hop[edit]

​Interestingly, in this category, only Iggy Azalea has released an album in the last 12 months (Eminem, who released an album 12 months and 3 days ago is a close second). However, if I have to give a prediction in the hip hop category, it'd go to someone who's earned the title of such a tightly contested genre. Someone who has been consistently providing quality music in both album tracks and singles. It has to be Drake for me. Kanye is my favourite rapper; Eminem is, in my opinion, the greatest rapper of the 21st century so far; but Drake has been the best rapper in the last 12 months of those listed above. Kendrick fans, please shut the hell up. 

Best Electronic[edit]

​While the biased part of me will be disappointed because my boy Zedd isn't nominated, the 'Best Electronic' category is an easier one for me to make my mind up. Calvin Harris is already currently recognized as the most well paid DJ in the EDM game, but I think he also leads the pack as a hitmaker. His perfectly timed title, Summer, will testify to this. 

Best Alternative[edit]

​I don't care if they're coming to the country in less than two weeks, or if I praised Jared Leto highly for his role in Dallas Buyers Club (He was magnificent). I don't understand why and how Thirty Seconds To Mars has made it on this list. I still haven't forgiven them for the disgustingly poor live show they put on for me at Leeds Festival 2011 but bias aside, what, of note, have they done in recent years? How on earth did they crack a nod above the likes of Bastille, Ben Howard or... quite frankly, almost anyone who shows more than four emotions on an album. Anyways, back to the point; Lorde has to take this one. 

Best Rock[edit]

Coldplay is my favourite band (just ask my colleagues), but I have to give this to the band who has shown the best presence in the charts in the last 12 months. There's no doubt that this would be the Arctic Monkeys. 

That's it from me today. Make sure to keep your eyes glued to ZAlebs tomorrow so that you can catch the second half of my predictions.  Remember, The European Music Awards will be broadcast live on MTV, DSTV channel 130 tomorrow night.