ZAlebs that have changed their stage names

It's like that time Drake said "please do not speak to me like I'm that Drake from four years ago, I'm at a higher place"

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ZAlebs that have changed their stage names

Although rapper, Stogie T. has been using the name for a few years now, people still ask who that is.... So that got the ZAlebs team wondering about which celebrities have undergone a name change over the years. Take a look: 

Lekgoa --> Snotkop

Lekgoa --> Snotkop

Originally born Francois Henning, in Zimbabwe in 1974, the Afrikaans singer and rapper started out as Lekgoa and later changed his stage name to Snotkop - presumably as as way to appeal more to the Afrikaans market that he now caters to. 

Prokid --> Pro 

rapper pro

The hood's favourite rapper was born Linda Mkhize, in 1981 in Soweto. He rose to fame as Prokid but chose to drop the latter part of his name as he matured. 

Nomuzi Mabena --> Moozlie 

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The 25-year-old rapper has thee most aliases in the game!

  • Moozlie... 
  • Blanco... 
  • The New Age Ma-Brr...
  • Skhanda Queen...

She changes names like she changes outfits! But Moozlie, the name she used to launch her music career, remains the most prominent of them all. 

Tumi From the Volume --> Stogie T 

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This name still has the masses confused. As I explained in past blog post of mine, "pronounced ‘stowgee,’ the word 'stogie' is slang for cigars which Molekane is a huge aficionado of. And as Urban Dictionary says…

“Definitely means cigar. If you refer to a cigarette as a stogie you might get slapped. More specifically, it can refer to a cheap cigar. However, it has come to mean, plainly, CIGAR.”

He went on to explain, “cigars have come to represent a certain [level of] elegance and a certain growth for me.”

Mthoko 'Dash' Mkathini --> Zulu Mkhathini

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One could assume the meaning behind this name change but we'll just wait until we chat to him about it before we explain it... 

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