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Earlier on this week ZAlebs spoke to the Heineken Dropped campaign winner the man of the moment himself Simon Good.  However, at ZAlebs HQ we’re also fans of the number two, those who work tirelessly to nibble at the number one spot.  So we decided to also chat to Heinken Dropped runner up and the beauty that was amongst the beasts, Baby Mashokwe.

When you landed in Paris and your blinds were taken off, what was your first reaction? My biggest reaction was when I realised that I’m in a country where almost no one speaks English.   So that really hit me when I realised that I was in Paris but also another reaction was what the hell am I doing here, where am I and why is nothing in English?

It also shows how ignorant we are as people to just expect other nations to be able to speak English.  There were a couple of times where my interpreter told me that some people would would not help me if I didn’t speak French to them.  But it really is a totally different world from here at home, very first world but it was very interesting to have an experience of another country not of African descent. 

You had to do many tasks which one do you feel was the most difficult one considering the language barrier that you had to overcome? It definitely had to be the miming task and also just asking people for information.  For instance the meal task consisted of us creating a meal and giving it out to the public for an exchange of information about the city of Paris which was really challenging but we came across a lot of school kids who helped us tremendously and whom I guess were hungry, they thought the campaign was so much fun and they were just so involved asking for the Heineken twitter handle and the campaigns hash tag which was totally awesome for me they were the most willing. 

You speak about food and when we read your tweets you’re also the type of person that comes across as a foodie, which types of food did you enjoy whilst in Paris? I ate everything in sight! The cool thing is that the guys I was with knew interesting places to go eat after I completed my task.  So I tried to make it a point to eat a different type of meal everyday so to fully enjoy the experience of French food.  However, I didn’t have any frog legs or escargot but there was a bakery right down the road from where I stayed, they had the most amazing pastry there I also tried some beef tartare it really is just raw mince with spice [Laughs].  But I really made an effort to eat and drink everything I’ve never had before and luckily I have a strong constitution my stomach was willing to play along.

During our interview with Simon, he actually told us that he viewed you as a great competitor in the competition any comments on that?  Oh wow! Hats off to Simon for winning and I just think all the guys are great.  When we met in Amsterdam that’s where we also had the opportunity to just really hang out and get to know each other even better and I’m obviously very humbled by his statement.  I also saw him as great competition as well, I must add that also just being in Paris I think for a girl is the ultimate dream, seeing the Eiffel Tower and its aura of romance just really blew me away and again hats off to the man Simon he really is a cool guy.

Speaking of men, did any French man sweep you off your feet? Oh yes! I was walking back to the hotel at some point and this French guy approached me and started speaking to me, but he was speaking so fast.  So I let him speak because to me it just sounded so amazing but then I had to tell him that I don’t speak French, he then just said ‘cool and thank you’ and then just walked away.  This is strange because he could’ve either told me the greatest thing in the world or he could’ve been swearing at my mother but either way it sounded amazing [laughs]

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