ZAlebs whose names aren't their names

These ZAlebs' stage names were so regular, we thought that they were their real names but it turns out we've been wrong all along. #IssaStageName

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Rebecca Malope

Imagine our surprise when Nandi Madida (nee Mngoma) changed her surname to Madida and we were like "who's that"?

confused meme

And like us, most of you asked "kanti Zakes Bantwini's name is not Zakes Bantwini"?

Well, it turns out that it is not. Zakes Bantwini's real name is Zakhele Madida (but you should know that by now).

Zakes Bantwini Zakhele Madida

Another ZAleb who catfished us with their name is Yvonne Chaka Chaka. She was actually born Yvonne Machaka but should legally be named Yvonne Mhinga if she chose to take on her husband's surname. 

Yvonne Chakachaka

Lastly we have the biggest name catfish of all: Rebecca Malope. Or should we say, Batsogile Lovederia Malope

Rebecca Malope real name

Hey! We don't even know who to trust anymore.

Kgosi the queen meme

If you were a singer, what would your stage name be? 

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