Zandile Khumalo Gumede: A star on the rise

Zandile Khumalo Gumede is ready to be a force to be reckoned with.

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Look, it's about time we start addressing her as Zandile Khumalo Gumede and not Kelly Khumalo's sister, she's a rising star to look out for.

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It's about time we start addressing her as an individual and dropping the "Kelly Khumalo's sister" tag. The sisters may look alike, more like twins if you ask me but Zandile, well she's ready to branch out on her own. After years of being a backup singer for her sister Kelly, Zandile felt it was time to come to the forefront and let her voice get heard. Music has always played a vital role in her life with her mother singer and older sister being one of our favorite voice in the industry, it was time she took center stage too.

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Zandile is not only beautiful, she is a triple threat. You see all those beautiful dresses her sister is always dressed in? Zandile is the designer behind those stylish looks. Zandile is also a dancer. 

The musician is married to ex head of communications at Mabala Noise, Hloni Gumede. Drum magazine recently named her one of Mzansi's top rising stars to look out for in 2017. 

Kelly might have opened the doors for Zandile but she is more than ready to branch out into the music industry by her own plus, she's received really great reviews online as well.

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