Zano's E.P is a success all thanks to his mom

Zano speaks about his kids, music and why he named his latest E.P after his mother.

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Zano's E.P is a success all thanks to his mom

His latest E.P titled 'Emily' is an ode to all women and is mostly influenced by his late mother whom he considered to be a staunched femenist.

Zano has a number of hit songs under his name, his most memorable collaboration probably has to be his feature on Riky Rick's Sondela.

Fast forward to 2016 and Zano is making more waves with his latest offering, Emily. But before we got into the music side of his latest projects, ZAlebs asked the musician about his fondest memory of his late mother. 

Zano explained how his mom was always firm in what she believed in.

"My mom was a staunch feminist, driven by the idea that women and men should all be equally afforded the opportunity to lead a life where pro-choice was embraced. Now you can only imagine the resistance she would get at times because in her era a "woman's place was in the kitchen". She had so much hope for her kids and always instilled in me to follow my dreams, regardless of how crazy they were. Her life story is a story of a lot of our mothers in the continent."


Back to the music...

Zano has proudly mentioned that Emily is  undoubtedly one of his best work by far.

"Over the years I've been more concerned about making hit songs and so-called radio songs. Stuck to house music for the longest time because it was "safe". I have always been a soul musician and this time I took a chance and followed my heart. The result is a masterpiece of well-written, well-produced SA Soul/R&B music that could stand its ground anywhere else in the world."

Another reason that Zano feels that this E.P is crucial to his craft is that he completely had to strip himself down as a creative and be vulnerable in order to trust the creative process of the project.


This E.P had quite a unique creative process. I had to tap deep into my emotions to write these songs. The E.P is, after all, in honour of my late mother and all the strong women making great strides against all odds in the continent. For the first time in my career as a songwriter, I had to completely be 100% vulnerable to write these songs. The subjects covered by the songs came first, followed by a melody to which I put lyrics on, and the last stage was putting the music to the idea.

If you head on over to Zano's Instagram account, you'll see that he has a very close relationship with his kids. We asked the singer if he would encourage his kids to follow in his career footsteps to which he replied that he would, but like any parent, there are some terms & conditions that his kids need to abide before taking the next step.


I wish for my kids to learn that having a gift is great, but just like my mother advised me, they'd need to back it up with an education. I would like for them to learn to take their craft seriously and to know that there are no limits to creativity. Would I support my kids if they wanted to be musicians? Of course I would, but I would definitely insist on being a part of their business and mentoring them so they don't make the same mistakes we did when we started our careers.

Zano will be embarking on a national Summer tour that commences from October 2016 until March 2017.

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h of October 2016 until the 31st of March 2017.