Zikhona Sodlaka channels her inner Gospel voice

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Actress Zikhona Sodlaka is known more for her acting skills than her singing.

However, we were taken aback when we found out that the actress would be performing at the Gospel In Me concert, alongside the likes of The Soil.

In an interview with ZAlebs, Zikhona Sodlaka admitted that she’s quite the singer, it’s just that it hasn’t been made public knowledge.

“Yes, I do sing but it’s something the general public hadn’t known. It’s something that I and all the people in my life have known for a while. I haven’t pursued music as a career yet, it was just an invite to a show, for any artist to come and express the gospel in themselves," she said.

"The publicists of the show invited me because they knew that there’s some sort of musicality in my life and the reason why I accepted to join this concert is because previous artists who joined were not people who are necessarily singers. And that interested me. And, yes, I can hold a note.”

When asked if she was nervous that she’d be sharing the stage with an award-winning group like The Soil, Zikhona admitted that she was extremely nervous about it.

“I was so nervous when I found out they would also be a part of the concert I was like 'OH MY WORD!'

"But then you can’t take away from the fact that this concert is going to be so cool and there’s just no way I can mess it up. I’m a fan of the group and I know them in my personal capacity, so it’s a catch 22 type of situation because I’m nervous and excited.”

Zikhona will be performing at the Gospel In Me concert on 11 March at the Lyric Theatre.

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